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Smile. You just found the number one company for all painting services in Markham, Ontario. If you seek color solutions for your kitchen, if you want the exterior transformed into a fabulous place with surfaces strong to stand the test of time, let’s talk. We are the trusted choice for any home painting service Markham commercial jobs as well. Let nothing stop you. Whether you want a big or small job, whether you are in a hurry or not, place your call to us. Painter Markham doesn’t just make your world colorful but also healthier and peaceful. Should we tell you how?

Full range of Markham painting services, done well from the start

We are experienced with all jobs and ready for all painting services Markham exteriors and interiors at residential and commercial properties. This is the umbrella of all painting jobs since there’s so much that we can do for your place apart from changing or refreshing colors.

But before we jump into that, let us pause for a second and talk about a task we, as experienced painting contractors Markham’s most trusted choice for all jobs, consider extremely important. The preparatory work.

What comes before the painting service (is of the utmost importance)

When you first get in touch with our painting service Markham company, you surely want to know details about the way we do things and about your project – costs, colors, timeframes, the works. Right? And that’s exactly what we offer you along with consultation about anything – colors, styles, methods – in an attempt to make your choices easier and ensure you take informed decisions. Assuming you agree to trust us with your house painting service, one of the very first and most important stages of the job is the preparation of the surface.

You see, even if your walls are in good shape, there’ll still be some cracks, hit corners, nail holes – let alone the damage of the exterior surfaces. And so, the painting service includes anything from tearing down, fixing, building, sanding, priming, installing, finishing. Let us give you some examples.

  • Drywall repair services
  • Wallpaper removal & installation
  • Deck repair & finishing, fence painting
  • Popcorn ceiling removal, finishing
  • Filling holes, patching, sanding
  • Kitchen cabinets painting
  • Door, window, trim painting
  • Statement stone wall installation

Prepping to perfection to ensure excellent exterior or interior painting

See, our job is not one-dimensional. It includes a very thorough prep work during which the Markham painters fix all imperfections and thus, create the required smooth surface before they prime and finish it. Naturally, the service may include the entire property or just sections of it – like the cabinets. And rest assured. The exterior surfaces are prepped with the utmost care and finished with the right paints to keep them beautiful for a very long time.

With our company in your corner, you get all around Markham painting services to meet your needs and also your expectations in terms of quality, timeframes, longevity. Why settle for less? Let’s talk details about your project.